I am behind my payment of credit card dues. How can Loan Short Term help me?
We will arrange an economical cash solution for you. We are well-equipped loan arrangers, who are associated with reliable lenders. Hence, by applying for the installment payday loans, you can definitely clear all your credit card payments.

How much loan can I get under the installment payday loans?
With these loans, you will have the freedom to choose any amount between $100 and $1500. Moreover, with flexible repayment plans, repaying the loan on time will be very easy.

How can I use the loan sum?
We at Loan Short Term have put no restriction on the usage of the loan. Spend the cash just the way you want. You need not even keep and show the receipts that you acquire when you utilize the money.

Do I need to fax any document to complete the application process?
Not at all. We are proud of our paperless loan arranging service. Your online application submission will trigger the search for the perfect loan.

When is the best time to make an application?
Whenever you need cash. Yes, our online application portal is open 24/7 for you.

The application form demands certain personal details. Will my details be safe with you?
Yes, of course. Please read our Privacy Policy. It mentions clearly the steps that we take to ensure the safety of our borrowers’ details.

Who will provide me with more details regarding your policies?
We have provided the Contact Us form for this purpose. Complete it and send it to us quickly.

Representative APR
Total Amount of Credit: $300
Duration of the Agreement: 30 days
Total Amount Repayable: $370
Interest is Fixed
at a rate of 296% per year
Representative APR 1737%